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Welcome to Prime Tutorial Orpington, Bromley!

Prime Tutorial offers private tuitions in and around Orpington, Bromley for a wide array of subjects, including the vital 3 sciences, Maths, and English. Originally started by Dr. Sadanand Joshi in 2011, an enthusiastic teacher with a goal of helping students, a few years ago. It started off as a small initiative which comprised merely of 2 students, and the teaching of just GCSE Maths and Physics. However, as the years have gone by, the name flourished and saw rises in the numbers of students who enlisted for tuitions – the last count having recorded 1000+ students! Why this dramatic increase has been seen is due to Prime Tutorials’ homegrown method of assessing every individual student, whether it be in a group class of 1:1 session, and addressing their individual needs, and eventually working with them to help them go from strength to strength as their learning progresses. This, coupled with the exuberance of the tutors on board, helps Prime Tutorials to help more and more students by the day. This institute currently aids students from various state and comprehensive schools like, Bishop Justus CE School, Bullers Wood, Charles Darwin, Coopers, Hayes School as well as Independents like, Ashgrove, Eltham, Farringtons Schools, just to name a few.

As a result of the increasing number of pupils signing up for Prime Tutorial’s now reputed centre, we have increased the subjects we offer (as of September 2018) to include A Level Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics. Make sure to check the tutoring tab at the top of the page to find out more.

Future plans

Expand Prime Tutorials and open an independent sixth form college

Offer the full range of A-level subjects, with a special attention to Music, Drama and Arts

Move to a bigger place to support the influx of new students due for enrolment in 2019 for year 10 to year 11 transition and year 12 to year 13 transition.

  • Dr Joshi is an illustrious professor with a clear mind and knows how to get the best out of students from his experience.
  • All the tutors are widely experienced in their field.
  • Prime Tutorials offers a wide variety of subjects, so that students of all needs can be catered for.
  • Dr Joshi’s team includes co-authors of various textbooks used at GCSE and A-levels, providing an extra edge to the faculty which goes further in aiding the students enrolled at Prime Tutorial.

With a teaching experience of close to 30 years, Dr. Joshi, an ex-Professor at the University of Strathclyde himself, has also previously worked as an Ofsted Inspector as well as a subject lead and head of department in numerous schools and colleges he has been a part of in his long and illustrious career. He is also an enthusiastic and keen person, who, as he has spent a long portion of his career working with pupils across the country, has the hunger to help students learn more and thus deliver the grades they want and enter reputed educational institutions – such as the Russell Group universities for instance – through this venture.
Dr Joshi tells us himself – “when a student comes to me with below average results and then we see them achieve great results at GCSE or A-level exams through their sheer hard work and our help that is an absolute pleasure for me” in reference to what brings him the most pleasure.


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